AZ-220: Study Notes

Disclaimer: This is not my list entirely, I have taken references from others by searching on Internet

Implement the IoT Solution Infrastructure (15-20%)

Create and configure an IoT Hub

Build device messaging and communication

Configure physical IoT devices

Provision and Manage Devices (20-25%)

Implement the Device Provisioning Service (DPS)

Manage the device lifecycle

Manage IoT devices by using IoT Hub

Build a solution by using IoT Central

Implement Edge (15-20%)

Set up and deploy an IoT Edge device

Develop modules

Configure an IoT Edge device

Process and manage data (15-20%)

Configure routing in Azure IoT Hub

Configure stream processing

Configure an IoT solution for Time Series Insights (TSI)

Monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize IoT solutions (15-20%)

Configure health monitoring

Troubleshoot device communication

Perform end-to-end solution testing and diagnostics

Implement security (15-20%)

Implement device authentication in the IoT Hub

Implement device security by using DPS

Implement Azure Security Center (ASC) for IoT